We want to remind our US guests of a few things when preparing to cross the border:

At this time, visitors do not have to have a Covid 19 test before entering Canada, but must be fully vaccinated. All vaccinated guests are still subject to the Covid 19 random testing.

It is still necessary to to fill out the ArriveCAN app before you get to the border so that things move more quickly for your crossing.

We do want to warn visitors that a guest had a very unpleasant experience after googling for the app online. He thought that he was on the correct ArriveCAN app, but unfortunately he was not and filled out a bogus questionnaire. This resulted in him giving his personal information to them, including his credit card info. Please be cautious of any third party, fraudulent web pages and apps that may be posing as ArriveCAN and asking you for payment. The real ArriveCAN is FREE and SECURE and is the official Government of Canada immigration platform to use when entering Canada.

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Also take note:

Restriction on imports of live birds, bird products and by-products from states affected by highly pathogenic avian influenza in the United States

You may not bring the following into Canada if sourced from, processed or packaged in a restricted zone in the US:

  • all raw poultry and poultry products
  • by-products that are not fully cooked, including eggs and raw pet foods

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We will try to have eggs available for purchase in the lodge for guests who aren’t able to stop by a store after arriving in Canada.

Give us a call if you have any questions.