Welcome to the Lumberjack Lodge 2024 season!

Typical of May in Northwestern Ontario, it has been cool with unpredictable weather, but that hasn’t stopped our most avid fishermen! And now, as we prepare to enter June, the sun is shining more and the temps are rising! The bears are moving with their cubs and soon the mother moose and calves will be showing up on the roads in the north, so be diligent when driving. Many animals take to the open spaces and roads to avoid flies as the weather warms.

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like a great start to the 2024 fishing season.

Stunning Auroras

The northern lights put on a spectacular show during May and we are hoping that predictions for fantastic viewing here in the north will be correct.

Solar cycles have been recorded since the eighteenth century. Back in 2020, a panel of scientists predicted that the current solar cycle (solar cycle 25) would be fairly weak, similar to the previous cycle. Solar activity was expected to peak around July 2025. In October 2023, the Space Weather Prediction Center of the USA’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a revised prediction for solar activity. This forecast a quicker, stronger peak of activity with solar maximum expected between January and October 2024.

While the latest cell phone can take decent photos of the Aurora Borealis, our resident photographer still suggests you bring a camera with a manual setting and a tripod if you want to try and capture this awesome phenomena.




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Perhaps the biggest news in 2023 was that the ALL NEW LUMBERJACK LODGE celebrated the end of construction during our Grand Opening events in July. The cabins, lodge and even the fish house have all been renovated or rebuilt. We’ve also added better camping facilities and built a playground.

(More photos below)